5 Things to Know About Sayulita Real Estate

by Applegate Realtors on Jul 1st, 2017 under Sayulita

People from all over the globe are drawn to Sayulita’s eclectic, chic, and bohemian soul. Property value in Sayulita continues to rise due to the increase in tourism and the growing population in the region. In 2016, Sayulita recorded a 123 percent growth in tourism compared to numbers reached in 2015, earning itself bragging rights for the most growth of any destination in Mexico.

Sayulita is also famed as a retirement destination for many of Mexico’s Northern neighbors from the United States and Canada. The real estate market in Sayulita is booming, and buyers are eager to get their hands on the right property. Below, we discuss five important factors to consider before choosing this destination as your new home.

1. The Types of Properties Available

Sayulita real estate options are unique to the location. In Puerto Vallarta, potential buyers will find that properties such as condo developments are a popular real estate option. Although there are a few condominiums in Sayulita, the charm of the town’s properties come from the many luxury villas that rest among the trees and provide a stunning experience to homeowners. There are also lots and acreage available for individuals who are eager to materialize a vision or embark on a unique business opportunity.

2. What the Town Has to Offer

Sayulita boasts a plethora of activities for tourists and residents. Sayulita is world-renowned for its surf culture. However, the water here is friendly for the entire family. The beaches here are perfect for a wide range of activities such as standup paddle boarding (SUP) and snorkeling. Additionally, there are some great hiking trails for those who love to explore the land as well.

There are numerous restaurants of all types of fare and even the street food has been deemed worthy of repetition. After the sun sets, there are unlimited entertainment options. Residents can choose from seeing live bands, to watching a sports game at a cigar bar or enjoying a cocktail at a lounge bar.

Art and artisanry are common in Sayulita. This is because the town attracts creative and expressive individuals from around the world. During the months of November through May, the town hosts its weekly market, where local organic fare and artisanal goods are sold. Additionally, art galleries are sprinkled throughout the town and display traditional and folk Mexican art.

3. The Location

Sayulita is conveniently located approximately one hour from Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. Roughly 15 minutes farther south of the airport is the Malecon Boardwalk, a breathtaking walkway alongside some of the most popular beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

Sayulita provides major perks of being close to a city, such as an international airport, larger grocery stores, and extensive shopping. Residents of Sayulita enjoy these advantages as often as wanted and/or needed and indulge daily in the tranquil life of a small town in the jungle. Sayulita is also close to many popular towns in the Riviera Nayarit, such as:

4. Infrastructure and Government Financial Support

In 2015, Sayulita was named a Pueblo Magico by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism. This honor is awarded to towns that provide a magical and unique experience to visitors. When towns are included in the Pueblo Magico Program, they are awarded federal funding that will strengthen the town’s infrastructure. This investment aims to generate economic growth for the region and help the town continue to provide an unforgettable experience for residents and visitors.

5. How to Own Beachfront Property as a Foreigner

In Mexico, property within 30 miles of the coastline may only be directly purchased by Mexican nationals. However, this does not mean that Mexican nationals are the only individuals who can own property close to the beach. Buyers from other countries can purchase beachfront property in Sayulita through what is called a fideicomiso. A fideicomiso is a contract or an agreement between a Trust, a Mexican financial entity, and the buyer, the Trust beneficiary.

Want to Know More About Purchasing Real Estate in Sayulita?

The process of buying a home in a foreign country implies various processes governed by laws different to those of the buyer’s home country. Applegate Realtors offers comprehensive real estate services to individuals wishing to not only purchase beachfront property in Mexico but individuals wishing to relocate to the country. The process of buying a home in a foreign country implies various steps and does not necessarily end after the purchase of a home.

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