Why Choose New Construction Condominiums in Puerto Vallarta

by Applegate Realtors on Jun 1st, 2017 under Blog - Condos - Puerto Vallarta

There are many advantages to purchasing a condo in Puerto Vallarta. Living in a prime location close to the beach and the ability to participate in the short-term rental market are two reasons that often draw many investors to the area.

However, you may be wondering whether to invest in a new construction or an existing, resale property. In order to understand which option is best for you, it’s important to research the advantages of each property type. Below, we’ll discuss why you should consider purchasing a new construction condominium.

State-of-the-Art Design

New constructions typically come equipped with modern design features and, oftentimes, updated technology. For example, Rincon de Almas, located in Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town, is a unique approach to condominium developments. The building is designed to integrate with its surrounding natural elements and therefore, create a bioclimatic design that is self-sustainable.

Modern Layout

Floor plans are not exempt from trends and change over the years. If you want an updated layout, you’ll definitely want to consider a new construction. Currently, open layouts are commonly seen throughout new condominium constructions in Puerto Vallarta. Larger kitchens and open common spaces used for entertaining are all part of the luxurious tone that defines the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle.

The Option to Customize

Customizable options are a major advantage of presale condos. When you purchase a condominium before construction has been completed, you have the ability to choose the materials that will make up the finishing touches, such as flooring, molding, and paint colors.

Brand New Appliances

When you move into a new condo unit, there is no need to worry about replacing currently existing appliances that have undergone years of use. If the building is still under construction, you’ll be able to choose the type of appliances you want, such as black stainless or even appliances with integrated technology such as touchscreen refrigerators.

Have Questions About Condos in Puerto Vallarta?

There are various advantages to purchasing a condominium and more so in investing in a new construction. Applegate Realtors offers exclusive options for new condominium developments in Puerto Vallarta.

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